• The world of reality has its limits. The world of imagination is boundless.

    (Jean Jacques Rousseau)


In all his roles, Stoyan has proved to be a very successful originator and a consistent top performer. His consultancy skills range from strategy definition and execution, to management and operations. Stoyan has gained an experience as an IT consultant and Project Manager for over 15 years. Experienced in understanding the business drivers of projects, focusing on adding value and delivering business objectives.
Always comes up with ideas and tools that save time, minimise manual and paper work and eliminate human errors.

Results-driven creative thinker who can balance big picture vision with micro delivery needs

Ability to communicate complex concepts to audiences at all levels

Resourceful, productive & focused on continuous improvement by sharing learning

Driven self-starter who thrives in a collaborative, open-minded team environment

Able to identify and focus on the fundamentals in order to deliver solutions in complex matrix organisations

Strong mathematical and analytical competence & attention to detail make for great problem-solving ability

Personable and approachable style brings out the best in teams

Career Highlights

  • Designed and Delivered a Manufacturing Change Requests and Contract Management systems to Magic Leap – Miami, FL
  • Fully involved in the implementation of an Employer Reporting Application system for Department of Retirement Systems – Seattle, WS USA The BPM solution provides a highly integrated and adaptable architecture capable of processing large volumes of sensitive data with complex business rules. This provides internal and external users with a streamlined, user-friendly, and easy-to-maintain system that integrates with other core systems.
  • Supporting the delivery of a major business transformation program at BEA Systems – UK, improves Military Air and Information competitive edge through process and application rationalisation and better information integrity.
  • Delivered a BPM solution to Alpha Card to effectively manage KYC, UBO and AML refresh processes. Implemented adequate functionality to enable the gathering, verification and management of KYC/UBO activity.
  • Designed and developed a system for Basil Read, South Africa which allows 700 employees across 49 sites – 90% of which work in areas with poor internet connectivity – to benefit from Bizagi via a distributed server model which then updates the master version at the company’s Head Office.
  • Delivered a bespoke process automation system called DeiverIT for HSBC to manage the Global Windows 7 migration Project (CWD3).


  • Assessing the situation and understanding the problem
  • Identifying the solution and pulling together a plan of action
  • Planning and overseeing the execution
  • Reviewing the results and learnings