Winners of the Global Bizagi 2020 Hackathon

Bizagi 2020 Hackathon

Bizagi Hackathon 2020

Proud Winners of the Global Bizagi 2020 Hackathon in the Most Innovative Experience-Centric Process category with the Task Reassignment from Stakeholders.

Our solution

When we decided to take part in the Bizagi Hackathon, our main idea was to invest the time into a solution that would benefit most Bizagi clients.

Existing feature

The out of the box Reassignment feature in Bizagi was outlined as one of the biggest challenges business users face. They wanted to do it quickly and to have much more flexibility with the options available to them.

The new reassignment feature

Our team embraced the unique opportunity to develop an innovative solution with an enhancement to the current Bizagi Task Reassignment. The team grasped this issue wholeheartedly and put a massive effort to tick all requirements business users have outlined about Task Reassignment while working on previous projects.

Recognised by Bizagi

Pleased that the effort was recognised by Bizagi. The solution is easily applicable and can be used in any Bizagi process; no doubt the enhanced Task Reassignment will add enormous value to each project and bring benefits to the business user straight away, by giving them the power in their own hands.

Real life scenario

In the short time since coming up with the solution, we already managed to put it into practice and implement it for some of our clients.

You can watch a demo of the winning solution here. If you want to talk to us about the Reassignment Task or have it implemented in your organisation too, call us today on +44 020 3355 7237.

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