Best practices in Business rules

Best practices in Business rules

A business rule is a rule that defines or constrains some aspects of the business model. Business rules describe the operations, definitions and constraints that apply to an organisation. A particular aspect of the business rule is that these conditions are in constant change. Build rules in a way that can be easily changed.

Business rules name convention

Use the following prefixes:

Rule type Prefix Example
Visibility, required, editable, transition ABC_Is ABC_IsCustomerVIP, ABC_IsAllowed
Button Rule ABC_Exe ABC_Exe_CalcRates
Event Rule (On Enter, On Exit) ABC_Evt ABC_EvtProcessElements
Event Rule (On Save, Submit on change) ABC_Sav ABC_SavRecalculateFlags
Library Rules Finance.CreateElements, Common.FilterElements
Filter Rules ABC_Fil ABC_FilCustomerVIP, ABC_FilRequests
Use policies

Business rules are in constant change. Use Policies instead of Expressions to allow end users to easily manage them from the Work Portal. Changes can be performed in real-time to instantly adapt to new business requirements.

Use vocabularies

Vocabularies can be used in Expressions or Policies. End Users can manage vocabularies through Work Portal.

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