Bizagi 2020 Hackathon

Bizagi 2020 Hackathon

Content: Categories Prizes Dates & Timings Our Solutions You have eight weeks to hack – from  October 19 to December 11 – you can select which category you want to participate in. It can be a new and innovative Widget to improve … Read More

413 Request Entity Too Large

413 Request Entity Too Large – The page was not displayed because the request entity is too large. This is the error I got when I tried to call the following service /odata/data/cases({caseId}) /workitems({workItemId})/next How to fix it The solution … Read More

How to administrate non-related entities using an administration panel

Difficulty level: Medium Time: 2-3 hours Bizagi portal offers a very easy way to manage and maintain reference data that is usually stored in Parameter entities. This can be done through Admin > Entity menu. In other cases, as a … Read More